Im a Web / Graphic Designer
I like to make beautiful functional sites.

(im also looking for the worlds best hamburger)


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MeetMe Corp
Little Ceasars Mexico
Grillstation Beer House
Grillstation - Custom CMS
Hula Dance Studios
Hula Dance - HTML

About Me

Originally from Hermosillo, Mexico, where I majored in Graphic Design, I recently moved to sunny Arizona from Lambertville, NJ, a midway point between NYC and Philadelphia along with my girlfriend and 2 scottish terriers.

I've worked in many branches of design; advertising, print, web design and most recently on app design.

I like to Bike and watch movies but not at the same time.

I am available for freelance work, studio work, direct client projects and collaborations. I always reply to emails, so even if you just want to say hello, I’d love to hear from you!